When was your MASTER! course?

March and april 2014.

What did your MASTER! course look like? (what did u do?)

I was excited to be teamed up with Arts The Beatdoctor, his name is so respected and I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to spend some solid time with him. The initial goal was to create a solo set so that I could perform anywhere/anytime and not have to rely on a band or what the fee was. This way I could focus on getting my music out there and perform as much as possible. To do this the first step was to learn Ableton and decide what hardware I needed to put together my live set. This took some time to get my head around as coming from a live band it seemed weird being able just to push a button, but as we dived further into the program the possibilities are just endless. Then once we had the set together the creative bit started where we worked on the arrangements and the look of the show.

What did MASTER! mean for you?

Something I did not expect…the process went so much deeper for me. I found myself seeking the reason why I wasn’t solely focused on music (having started a full-time job in interior design/project management). During the course of a few months I completely turned my world upside and decided to go full speed ahead by quitting my secure job and becoming a full time musician. The support that was given to me by Marjolein was exactly what I needed to have the confidence to go for my dream. To support my endeavor as a solo artist I have also recently been hired to teach vocal technique by the prestigious Herman Brood Academy and my next focus will be on a publishing deal. As soon as I put the positive vibes out there opportunities just started flooded in…and they are still coming as my eyes are now open.

Whats your latest production and where can we find it?

‘Hey Sugar’ was released the 2nd of June and is the second track off of my upcoming EP “Rising One”.